How can couple therapy help you?

Taking the step to come for couple therapy can be a difficult one. Often couples have been having problems for a while when they decided to seek professional help. With my support, you and your partner can experience deeper friendship and emotional connection, and more effective ways to manage your arguments as you break the negative cycle that you have been stuck in.

In my view, the goal of therapy is to support you in creating a safe bond with each other, from which you feel comfortable to be yourselves and engage in life-long goals and experiences with each other.

Below are a some examples of situations where couple therapy can be helpful:

- frequent and intense arguments,

- emotional distancing or emotional disconnection,

- after the birth of a child,

- to heal from an affair or other situations that have shattered the trust in your relationship,

- to prevent divorce.


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How couple therapy with me works?

When working with you and your partner, my main mission is to help re-ignite the connection that once was part of your relationship. In order to do this, we will start by developing awareness to the cycle that keep you stuck in endless disagreements. By seeing and experiencing what the cycle does, you can start understanding your own role in it and become more open to listening to your partner. When both of you engage in this process, you will start seeing changes in your relationship. This process is based on the work of Sue Johnson called Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT).

My way of working is one in which I am curious and interested about your story as a couple - where you come from, how you foundd each other and what keeps you together. I will want to hear about your struggles but also about the love that connects you, even if you feel that you lost it along the way.

I enjoy connecting with the couples that I work with but I also offer a structure to the process of therapy. When working together, we will be working as a team, where my responsibility is to guide you through a process and yours is to actively commit to change the cycle as discussed above.

How long and how often is therapy?

Sessions are 90 minutes, twice a month. The duration of therapy depends on the many different issues, namely, the issues you bring to therapy, for how long you have been unhappy in your relationship, individual issues, your commitment to change, how you respond to the process of therapy and how good of a "click" you have with me.

Although I am not able to tell you precisely how many sessions you will need upfront, we will be frequently checking on the progress in therapy.

When is couple therapy not recommended?

There are a few situations when couple therapy is not recommended: 

1.  if there is on-going domestic violence (i.e., one partner is clearly a victim and the other is a perpetrator who induces fear and control the other partner);

2. if one or both partners are having an on-going affair. Couple therapy is possible when the affair is terminated.

3. if one or both partners are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. 

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