Couples Therapy: 181.50 euros (90 minutes)

Individual Therapy: 121 euros (60 minutes)

All prices include 21% VAT.

Insurance Coverage

A new deliberation by the Zorgverzekeraars Nederland (ZN) has indicated the conditions under which relationship therapy (i.e., couples therapy and family therapy) can be covered by basic health insurance. According to ZN, reimbursement is possible when it is part of a multidisciplinary treatment and not as a stand alone therapy. This means that in order for couples therapy to be covered, people must be under the care of a clinical psychologist (klinische psycholoog), psychotherapist (psychotherapeut) or psychiatrist (psychiater), who then refers them to couples therapy. These professionals are considered the practitioners responsible for treatment (regiebehandelaar); thus, they have the authority to refer the person to couples therapy and family therapy. Family doctors (huisarts) or health care psychologists (gz-psychologen) do NOT have the authority to refer a person to relationship therapy. All in all, if the couples therapy is not referred to by one of regiebehandelaren mentioned above, the person pays for couples therapy out of pocket. Always consult with your mental health professional, when applicable, and your insurance company before setting up an appointment for couples therapy.

The second aspect to consider when seeking relationship therapy is the provider. Marriage and family therapists (systeemtherapeuten) are best equipped to provide couples therapy due to their specialized training on relationship dynamics and, in many cases, Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples. The recent resolution by ZN includes marriage and family therapists (systeemtherapeuten) as qualified relationship therapy providers. More information on systeemtherapeuten can be found at, which is the organization that provides the accreditation to marriage and family therapists in the Netherlands.  

Relationship therapy it is not free from VAT. VAT is 21% of the cost of the session.


After each session, an invoice is sent by email with instruction to complete payment with Ideal. We do not have agreement with any insurance company; therefore, keep the invoices you receive from us to submit to your insurance (if you are eligible for coverage).

Cancellation Policy

We ask that if people are not able to attend the scheduled session that they cancel it 48 hours in advance; otherwise, the full fee will be charged. 

NOTE: During COVID-19 times, we are waiving the cancellation policy when the person presents with symptoms that might indicate that they have been exposed to someone infected with the virus and/or when they have flu-like symptoms. In this case, there is the option to cancel the session on the same day without penalty. The cancellation policy is not waived when the person forgot the appointment or has a scheduling conflict; thus, the 48 hours policy is still applicable.

Opening Times

Mondays: 09:00-20:00

Tuesdays: 09:00-20:00

Wednesdays: 09:00-20:00

Thursdays: 09:00-20:00

Fridays: 09:15-17:30

Saturdays: Closed 

Sunday: Closed

A 15-minute free phone consultation is offered before the first session. Please email us to setup the free phone consultation or call us during the available hours mentioned below:

* Availability for phone calls: Monday - 15:00-17:00, Tuesday - 16:00-17:30, Wednesday - 16:00-17:30, Friday - 09:00-12:30


Our office is located on De Cuserstraat 93, 1081 CN Amsterdam Zuid. Sessions being held online until 19 January 2021.


06 111 54 442

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