The contemplation of the self

We all have official views of who we are and what we do. If you were to ask someone to describe themselves, surely and quickly they would come up with two or three different attributes:"I am a controlling person", or "I am a very relaxed person", and so forth. However, something amazing happens when the question is asked differently: "Do you remember a time when you were very successful and you did not have to control the outcome?" Then, all of the sudden, a world of possibilities emerges! Immediately, comes to one's mind that one work project that went extremely well and a super tight plan was not needed. Or, that one time when one had to overcome a insurmountable obstacle in life and s/he surfaced stronger. There are uncountable scenarios that illustrate how as people we are more resilient and flexible than we think. Our behaviours are more fluid and reflect greatly the context in which we are than immutable personality traits. Our need to define ourselves as being A and not B, limits our access to a world of possibilities. Therefore, we end up not accessing a crucial resource in adapting to life challenges, that is, to look at each situation for what it is, trying to learn a little bit more about ourselves, about who we are beyond who we think we are, what we feel, and how we experience life and the meaning we give to each experience we live. There is a freedom that comes from looking into ourselves without the constraints of our own self-preconceptions, which encourages a feeling of self-acceptance.

Have you asked yourself today, how that problem that keeps tormenting you can show you a side of yourself you hadn't explored before, and from which you can learn a lesson, or find a new motivation or just simply observe yourself? Dare to explore yourself!

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