Can all good things about your relationship fit in a house?!

What if there was a simple way to summarize all the good stuff that makes relationships strive? Look no further! Drs. Julie and John Gottman have come up with a simple way to do this based on their research into the factors that make relationships last! It is called the Sound Relationship House. Although the house describes the 9 factors that make relationships strive, it can be summed up into three: friendship with your partner (includes knowing your partner's inner world, sharing love and admiration for one another, paying attention to your partner, and having a positive outlook on the relationship); managing conflict effectively (includes to be open to your partner's perspective, to dialogue about perpetual problems, and to calm oneself and the partner down during heated arguments); and, finally, creating shared meaning (it entails developing a couple/family mission statement that encompasses the couples' shared values, goals, and ideals). Good luck building your house!

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