My husband and I are an interracial, intercultural couple and we have been married for 21 years. Moving to the Netherlands placed a tremendous amount of stress and unhappiness on our relationship. 

From the first appointment, Aurora's open and pleasant demeanour, sense of humour and insight made our sessions something that we both started to look forward too. Aurora was able to assist us in recognizing the negative communication spiral we continuously found ourselves in. She created an environment that made us both feel safe and enabled us to be completely honest with each other regardless of the consequences. Through this process she was able to assist us in understanding the real reasons for our behaviour and turn towards empathy and validation of each other’s needs. Listening and responding to us without bias and without judgment allowed us to shift from pointing fingers, defensiveness and denial to get to the root of issues which really helped us to turn a corner. Our process with Aurora has made us both feel loved and supported by each other, something that seemed very far away before we started.

- Jan & Elle